Helmholtz Postdoc Programme: MDC pre-selection process 2015

Application process
The following components of the full Helmholtz Postdoc Program 2015 Information for Helmholtz Centers requirements will be required. (Any alternative phrasings of requirements given in the MDC application portal are noted below in bold in brackets.) Applications should be composed in English.

  • A letter of recommendation from the PhD supervisor, including assessment of candidate and project (First referee)
  • A letter of recommendation from the host researcher, including assessment of candidate and project (Statement of of support )
  • A letter of motiviation (maximum two pages) from the candidate including short a summary of the research project (up to ten lines) (Motiviation statement)
  • CV (Uploads)
  • PhD certificate (or a preliminary document or a statement from the supervisor/faculty) (Uploads)
  • List of publications and distinctions/awards (Publications/awards)
  • Optional: evidence of the involvement of universities, non-university research institutions and commercial businesses in the form of a cooperation agreement or letter of intent from the respective institution (Uploads)
  • Outline of the research proposal (maximum five pages) including (Uploads - project proposal):
- A description of the project's strategic relevance for the Helmholtz Association and of the topic's viability for the future
- An overview of clearly discernable work packages, important interim stages and milestones, including a time plan
- A presentation of planned cooperation and communication structure,  e.g. involvement of a university.

Additional note
In preparation for any invitation to interview at the MDC and any subsequent steps, applicants should familiarize themselves with the complete Helmholtz Postdoc Programme 2015 Information for Helmholtz Centers document and its full requirements.


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